Warehouse optimization and customization

Our company offers specialized expertise in the ICT sector, providing scalable and tailor-made logistic services. We collaborate closely with clients to design the optimal configuration of their warehouses, ensuring effective support for the growth of their sector. Acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and our clients, we do not simply provide transportation and storage services.

We also organize operations such as transportation itself, goods tracking, order picking, cross-docking, kitting, and inventory control, thereby optimizing the management of the supply chain and completely relieving our clients from the burden of logistic management. Our warehouses are strategically located near the main highway junction of Torino Nord, facilitating access and ensuring efficient distribution of goods. Thanks to our automated logistics management, we streamline storage and goods retrieval operations, speeding up picking processes and making order preparation and fulfillment faster. Furthermore, through our back office, we manage and monitor every phase of the logistic process, offering maximum transparency on order status and allowing clients to monitor stock levels at any time and track shipments.

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