Consulting and training

Specialized Training and Personalized Consulting

Our company serves as a reference point in providing professional consulting services in the specialized field of structured cabling and networking.

We stand out for our constant commitment to specialized training, accompanying clients along a path of growth in their technical skills. We provide our vast experience and professionalism to help our clients achieve their desired objectives, offering comprehensive and personalized support.

We understand that training is a fundamental pillar for business development, so we use it as a driving force in our clients’ growth projects. Furthermore, we are committed to organizing and managing specific training courses in the field of structured cabling and networking, aimed not only at our direct clients but also at installers and professionals in the sector, in order to disseminate best practices and ensure the highest level of competence in the industry.

Structured Cabling Courses

Our structured cabling course is designed for professional installers and aspiring professionals, offering technical skills and regulatory knowledge. Through hands-on laboratory experiences, students learn to create secure and functional infrastructures for a wide range of environments, compliant with regulations and specific customer requirements.

Fiber Optic Courses

Our Fiber Optics Management course is ideal for both professionals and beginners. We offer practical skills and regulatory knowledge for splicing and cabling adaptable to various applications, from LAN networks to PON, considering current regulations. We also cover NGAN networks, providing participants with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry.

IP Networks Wi-Fi Courses

Our Wi-Fi network training course welcomes both beginners and professional installers eager to delve into topics ranging from configuring home networks to complex corporate networks. Through the analysis of different types of functioning networks, you will learn about passive and active components, protocols, and functionalities to create standalone Wi-Fi networks or those with centralized management.

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